Humane is a computer group that was formed in 1993 by Necrarch and Recycler. It was gathered from the members of scene groups such as Regency (former live act-SF) and Coral. Our most active years (so far) were during the BBS'es (bulletin board system) golden era, early and late 90's. We had over 10 boards around the world at best times and we were top class at Finnish trading charts. At some time we were the only pure-Finnish group that had cracked games. We also managed to make some intros to show off we weren't just a trading crew, here's a brief incomplete list of them:

intro (1993, 10.08, ECS 40k Intro)
code: Chet, gfx: Rice, Sleepwalker, music: Dune.
10th in the Assembly 93 40k intro competition.

Sleepless (1994, 03.04, 40k Intro).
13th in The Gathering 94 40k intro competition.
info: Cooperation with Vanity.

Spoiled (1994, 06.08, 40k Intro).
code: Xender, Why.j, gfx: Sleepwalker, Wearoz, music: Rastamom.
11th in the Assembly 94 40k intro competition.

review: Again nice design, and this time even some content. The winner here is a fast but simple lightsourced voxel routine. The text screens are accompanied by a plasma interference thing that also looks quite OK.

After the middle of 90's most members went to other groups coz we became so lazy (read:life) and some of them gained some popularity at the scene. Some at Sonik clique and some at Orange, the legendary demo group of the late 90's. We were in co-operation with a Danish group Vanity for some time also, but we haven't found their releases from the world wide web anymore after all these years.

No one knows what the future will bring. At least we have a website online, we're looking for creative individuals to join us and we're' still trying to make some of our ideas reality. We just have life (read: we're even lazier than before) to live, but we're optimistic. Keep looking at the page, something will come.